Plant a Tree

At Trailhead Yarns we have always been environmentally conscious. We have decided to partner with South Nation Conservation in a tree planting initiative right here in our community. Select products will help donate a tree per item in an impactful way. 

Why forests and trees are important I hope no one questions that but why it is a particular interest to Trailhead you may ask. Samantha studied forestry before becoming a dyer and creating Trailhead Yarns. Her Grandfather Gerald was a forester his entire career and specialized in reforestation in Northern Saskatchewan. The outdoors have always had special meaning to Samantha but forests in particular. Seeing the aftermath of a forest fire and the life come back stronger than ever in her early teens was inspirational.

Samantha carefully researched organizations and choose one where she could have the most impact and connection. We will be able to select what type of trees and where they will be in partnership with South Nation Conservation. It really doesn't get more traceable than that. Help us get more seedlings by purchasing any of our participating products.